Ardell Fauxmink Individuals Faux Mink Individual Lashes Medium Black

Ardell Fauxmink Individuals Faux Mink Individual Lashes Medium Black

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Individual lashes are best to use if you want a customised look- whether it's texture, definition, length or volume. Use more for a wholly customised look or simply use some to fill in the gaps!

The medium length is suitable for all eye shapes and sizes and adds more glamour than short length lashes while keeping it subtle enough for daytime wear. This is a great choice for both day and night!

Ardell Faux Mink Lashes are designed to give you the luxurious glamour and are ultra-soft and lightweight!

Ardell's Faux Mink Individuals feature 20 individual lash fibres clustered together at the base (double that of just 10 on regular knot-free flare individuals) to help you create your customised look easily and save huge amount of time without having to glue multiple strands together yourself.

What’s more, these individual lashes come knot-free for a clean finish, and tapered tips for a very natural blend into your lash line. With a built-in criss-cross layering design, these individual lashes will help you achieve the popular Wispies look with ease!

Contains 60 clusters per pack.

If you are looking to create a luxuriously elegant lash look, then this is the perfect choice for you!

Eyelash glue is sold separately on our website- use strip lash adhesive for one day wear and individual lash adhesive for a look that lasts up to 2 weeks.

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